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Momax Micro Cleanse Compact Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Momax | Momax Micro Cleanse Compact Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Lightweight body design, easy to use, easy to switch suction mode with one button, with multi-function cleaning nozzle, flexible and deep cleaning of all corners, making cleaning easier.

Small area cleaning for different environments (such as home, office, and car, etc.)
Ergonomic design, small body, easy to hold, and comfortable to use
One-key operation, up to 6000p.a. strong suction, instantly and completely removes dust
Equipped with a detachable crevice tool and dust brush to easily remove all kinds of dust
There is an LED light at the bottom to illuminate the dark place so that the dust has nothing to hide
Battery life up to 45 minutes (3000p.a. suction mode)

Crevice nozzles and dust brushes
USB-C charging cable

Dimensions/Weight: 253 x 57 x 66mm / 480g

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NPR 9,000

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