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Belkin 4-Outlet Surge Protector 1.5M Cord

Belkin | Belkin 4-Outlet Surge Protector 1.5M Cord
The 4-OUTLET SURGE PROT 1.5M CORD (Grey) is a power strip designed to provide both power distribution and surge protection for electronic devices. It offers a total of four power outlets, allowing you to connect multiple devices to a single power source conveniently. The product comes in a sleek grey color, which can blend well with various environments.

Key features of the product:

Four Power Outlets: This surge protector offers four standard power outlets, enabling you to plug in a variety of devices such as laptops, computers, chargers, lamps, and other electronic gadgets.

Surge Protection: The surge protection feature guards your connected devices against power surges, spikes, and voltage fluctuations. This is particularly important for protecting sensitive electronics like computers, TVs, and other valuable equipment from potential damage.

1.5-Meter Cord: The surge protector comes with a 1.5-meter (approximately 5 feet) long power cord, allowing you to place it conveniently on your desk, workstation, or near your entertainment center while still having access to power outlets.

Grey Color: The grey color of the surge protector gives it a modern and professional appearance, making it suitable for both home and office environments.

Indicator Lights: Many surge protectors include indicator lights that provide visual cues about the status of the surge protection. These lights can indicate whether the surge protection is active and if the power outlets are grounded properly.

Compatibility: The surge protector is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices that use standard power plugs, such as laptops, computers, monitors, printers, mobile chargers, and more.

Versatility: Its compact design and multiple outlets make it a versatile solution for managing power needs in various setups, from home offices and entertainment centers to conference rooms and workshops.

User-Friendly: The product is designed for ease of use. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, and you instantly have access to multiple power sources and surge protection.

Safety Features: The surge protector likely includes safety features such as overload protection, which helps prevent overheating and potential electrical hazards.

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