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Momax Selfie Stable2 Smartphone Gimbal with Tripod (Black)

Momax | Momax Selfie Stable2 Smartphone Gimbal with Tripod (Black)
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Handheld Single-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer + Stand-alone Tripod + Handheld Selfie Stick /Wider Angle Of View

Input (Micro USB): 5V/1A, 500mA
Size: 205mm x 40mm x 65.5mm
Max. Length: 580±10mm
Weight: 240g
Bluetooth Remote: Bluetooth 4.2
Effective Range (Line of Sight): 10m (Photo-taking); : 5m (Gimbal Control)
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery (Bluetooth Remote/ Stabilizer)
Capacity: 60mAh (Bluetooth Remote); 450mAh (Stabilizer)
Operating Time: 2 hours
Charging Time: 1 hour
Operating Temperature: - 10℃ to 40℃
Single-axis Gimbal Mechanical Range : Pan/120°(Landscape Mode); Pan/270°(Portrait Mode); Tilt/90°
Width of Compatible phones : 58±3mm (Min.); 111±3mm (Max.)
Thickness of Compatible Phones : 10mm
Max. Load : 400 g

Micro USB Cable (30cm)
Protective Block

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NPR 9,000

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