JCPal VerSkin MacOS Shortcut Keyboard Protector for MacBook Air (USB-C model)

NPR 3,000.00

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Ultra-thin protection for your MacBook Air 13-inch (USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 models with Touch ID)
At only 0.3mm thick, the ultra-thin and form-fitted VerSkin™ creates a barrier over the keyboard, protecting it from liquids, dust and debris.  
Color-coded shortcuts
The helpful color-coded shortcut guide is printed directly on the keyboard protector, making it easy to memorize the most useful shortcuts for Mac OS and increase your efficiency.
Microban® antimicrobial treatment 
Built-in Microban® protection kills 99.95% of microbes and prohibits their proliferation during the products lifetime. VerSkin™ can even be washed in lukewarm water multiple times without removing the antimicrobial protection.

Speed up your workflow

VerSkin features an easy-to-read shortcut guide for the MacOS X operating system directly on the keys, helping you to quickly learn useful shortcuts and speed up your work.

The useful shortcut guide makes it easy to remember essential shortcuts in MacOS

Highly durable

Made with high quality silicone, the VerSkin is incredibly durable and can be washed many times without stretching or affecting it’s fit.

Ultra thin and form fitted

Only 0.3mm thick and precision molded for an exact fit, the VerSkin offers an exceptional tactile response so you’ll barely notice it’s there and the leak-proof design ensures your MacBook Air’s keyboard is safe from liquid spills, dust and debris.


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