JCPal MacGuard Complete Protective Film Set for MacBook Pro 13″ (Silver)

NPR 5,000.00

*subject to availability


Get complete protection for your MacBook Pro with the MacGuard Complete Protective Film Set. Featuring protective films for the outer shell as well as the palm rest and track pad, the complete set also includes a high quality screen protector.

Screen Protector Features

  • Ultra smooth and transparent with a high light transmittance rating
  • Provides 4H level scratch protection
  • Organic silicon nanoparticles push air out, making it easy to install without bubbles
  • Uses fluorocarbons to provide exceptional water and grease resistance, and can be quickly cleaned with an alcohol free LCD screen cleaner

Top/Bottom shell and Trackpad/Palmrest Protective Film Features

  • High quality heat resistant material keeps your MacBook Pro cool to the touch and provides exceptional scratch protection
  • Patented air-guide technology allows trapped air to be easily removed for bubble-free installation
  • Oleophobic and hydrophobic properties provide superior protection against fingerprints, water and grease
  • Precise cutouts in the film ensure that important information on the base of your MacBook Pro, as well as the rubber feet and case screws, remain visible and accessible
  • Provides a perfect fit for your MacBook, ensuring that it is protected from every angle
  • Please note: Film colour may vary slightly from colour of MacBook Pro 


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