1Mini Hub+1PIR+2Door sensors+1 Indoor Camera EU, w/ EU adaptor

NPR 27,160.00

*subject to availability


Create your own Smart Home security network using the Zigbee Hub and the sensors included in the kit. All the information will be displayed on your cell phone. Control of movement, opening of doors / windows, etc. 

It allows to establish notifications and alarms according to the configuration of the user, establishing conditional operations and associating the security kit with other Smart Home devices of the Orvibo line through the Homemate APP. For example, the user can program the turning on of the air conditioner when motion is detected in the room. And program its shutdown when it detects that a window opens. 
The Orvibo security kit can receive notifications wherever you are. 

Download the HomeMate APP for Android and iOs exclusively for ORVIBO products.

Includes the following products:

1 x ZigBee Mini Hub VS20ZW
2 x Door / Window Sensor SM11
1 x Motion Sensor (PIR) SN11 
1 x Indoor wifi IP camera SC10W


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