Growing Popularity of iMac in Nepal

By: Tarun Bajracharya    August 9, 2018

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With Apple Inc, becoming the first company to touchdown on 1 Trillion Dollar mark ahead of their nearest competitor Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook, it’s one of the revolutionary product deserves a mention i.e. iMac. iMac with its superior feature in comparison with its other rival desktop computer, it is gaining huge popularity among developers and other users.

Comparing the data of the last 5 years, it is evident that the popularity of iMac in Nepal is ever growing. But the question is why? There could be many reasons and with thorough research, we have listed some below:

1. The Design and the build quality

There is no second thought that iMac has the best design among all of its competitors. With its sleek unibody design, every user falls in love with it instantly. From designers to developers, all have provided the thumbs up to it.
iMac’s are built to the highest possible standards, with top-class components, elegant styling and precise attention to detail. It surely is one of the most beautiful electronic product ever on the market.

2. The preloaded software

Whenever you buy a new PC or laptop, the first headache after setting up the device is to install the software. With iMac, you can forget about the hassle. The iMac comes pre-loaded with all the genuine software such as iLife, iWork, Facetime, iTunes, Photos, iMovie, Garage band and many more.
You can use iLife platform to edit your photos, videos and also compose music whereas iWork makes your emailing work pretty seamless.

3. The security

One of the many reasons why iMac’s are gaining its popularity is because of its security. An iMac user, without ever installing anti-virus software sleeps better than a PC user with all necessary system in place. Reason why?
The reason is Apple has kept the Mac OS system highly protected. And even if hackers and cybercriminals are planning an attack your Mac OS system; they are doom to experience failure.

4. User Satisfaction

Have you ever seen a grumpy person using an iMac? iMac can make you happier and more productive than you would have ever been. They are simple to use and are very reliable. In the end, iMac is just another electronic product and we surely can agree it’s not cheap, and it needs to justify its price tag. The fact that Apple has worked so much on providing the best service available, is probably the most compelling feature of the company and shows that most people who purchase Macs have few to none regrets.

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