Genuine Reasons Why Mac is Better than PC?

By: Tarun Bajracharya    April 24, 2018

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Of all the never-ending rivalry and debate, Macs VS PCs are there on top with other greats. Both the products follow a legacy of two great personnel in the world of computing and both the company shaped the way we look into the future.
Coming back to the topic, every debate needs to be concluded and we are here to put all the debate on the bed.


Here are Top 5 Genuine Reasons Why Mac is better than PC:


1. The combination of hardware and software

For a system to run smoothly, it is very important that a system’s hardware and software component compliments each other. On a Mac, both the hardware and the software were designed by Apple and it’s comprised of top quality components, be it hardware or software. Mac’s system focuses on making things better that are present rather than trying to support every system like windows PC which makes them bloated and less optimized.


2. Pre-Loaded Software

When you a fresh PC from the vendor, you have lots of high expectation of various useful software that you have heard of. But get ready to be disappointed, they aren’t preloaded and needs to be installed manually.

Mac computers come with various preloaded software which is very useful such as iLife, iWork, Facetime, iTunes, Photos, iMovie, Garage band and many more. You don’t need to go through a headache of installing them manually. And if you want extra software, there is always Mac App Store with one click install available.


3. Build quality

Macs are expensive; there is no denying in that. If you are looking for some simple machine to browse through internet then Macs are not for you. But if you want a device that fits the bill, provides everything it promises, which is built to the finest, elegant styling and top-notch attention to detail, then Mac is the right choice for you.

Built on a principle and a precision, the Macs are one of the most beautiful products right now in the market.



4. Security

Whenever you buy a fresh workstation, security is always a concern. And in terms of security, Mac is way ahead of PCs. As it stands, the fact is: a Mac owner who uses no security software is in a less risky zone of being infected by spyware or viruses than a Windows user who obsessively protects their PC.

The reason is Apple has Kept Mac OS system highly protected. And if hackers and cybercriminals are planning an attack the Mac OS system, on a scale they have targeted Windows PC in past years; Failure is what they will experience.

And if your Mac ever gets stolen and if you have File Vault turned on your Mac, all your file systems get encrypted and no one can access your important documents unless they have the master password.


5. Updates

Software updates are very important to make sure that your system is fully secure and running smoothly. On Windows PCs, every software updates bring out a new problem to the user. Not that they don’t test their updates properly, but there are many devices which use windows, and it is very unlikely that they would be able to test every configuration in every device.
But Mac OS runs on a specific set of configuration which makes it easy for the developers to release an update and are very unlikely to experience an issue after the update.

There are lots of products out on the market for the choices. The trick is in finding the best one. We don’t deny that there are some specifications that PC has the edge over its competitors such as its customization features. But apart from that Mac has an answer to every question PC throws its way.

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