Apple Authorised Reseller in Nepal

By: EvoStore Admin    August 22, 2017

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Apple Store in Kathmandu not many years ago, there wasn’t any authorized Apple Store in Kathmandu because of which the customers had to face problems to get their hands on their desired Apple products. We have now EvoStore, which is one such authorized Apple Store in Kathmandu providing services as Apple Service Center in Nepal and as the Authorized Apple Reseller in Nepal.


When it comes to electronic gadgets, Apple products stands out as one of the most trusted brands in any part of the world. Most people want to know about the iPhone 7 Price in Nepal. In Nepal, the price of iPhone 7 varies according to its specifications. The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB costs NRs 105,000 while the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB costs Nrs 119,000. The iPhone 7 Plus 256GB is available at NRs 132,000. There is very slim difference in the price of these iPhone 7 with different specifications so the customers can make a choice according to their convenience. Apple products have always had their loyal fan following and the craze for Apple branded products is witnessed when a new model of any apple product is launched in the market. Apple branded products are specially meant for customers who believe in being the early bird to get their hands on world class electronic gadgets with top notch quality. Electronic products of Apple brand have their big pool of customers in Nepal too and they believe in the brand and the class quality which comes with the Apple brand itself. There is no doubt that iPhone 7 Price in Nepal is very reasonable because EvoStore is an Authorized Apple Reseller in Nepal.


EvoStore offers different Apple products including the iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, Electronic devices and Accessories of different models. EvoStore has different electronic devices of Apple brand but iPhones are the most popular among the Apple products and iPhone 7 is the latest model in that category. EvoStore also provides services as the authorized Apple Service Center in Nepal because of which the customers don’t need to worry about the repair or maintenance for their Apple products. EvoStore provides excellent after sale service because of which Apple products have satisfied customers in Nepal. At present, the brand loyal Apple customers are very excited about the iPhone 7s which is to be launched soon in the market but the exact date of the iPhone 7s launch has not been announced yet. The product will be available at EvoStore as soon as it is launched in the market.