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Momax Q.LED 2 Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Momax | Momax Q.LED 2 Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

With a wireless charging station, its honeycomb filter and built-in sensor bring you comfortable light. Fingertips are easy to ease, color temperature, simple and easy to use, to meet your environmental lighting.

1. 3-axis adjustment, flexible to meet different lighting angles
2. The honeycomb particles restore light, improve the condition of the eyes, and make you feel more comfortable
3. Remote control remote control, 5-level finger setting can be adjusted to the maximum easy control of 1000 lux
4. The built-in light sensor can automatically adjust the comfort level according to your surrounding environment to further satisfy your eyes
5. 3 color temperatures, suitable for different scenes
6. 15W fast charging, charging the device through wireless charging and USB port
7. LED lamp life 35,000 hours
8. Overheating, overcharging, short circuit and FOB protection

-Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
-Power: 36W
-Lamp beads power: 90 x 0.5W
-Output 1 (wireless): 12V 1.25A (15W Max.)
-Output 2 (USB-A): 5V 2A (10W Max.)
-Recovery repair: 5
-Dimensions: 332 x 368 x 415mm (expanded)
-Weight: 1400g±30g

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