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Genuine Reasons Why Mac is Better than PC?

Of all the never-ending rivalry and debate, Macs VS PCs are there on top with other greats. Both the products follow a legacy of two great personnel in the world ….Read More

Most exciting Features of Apple iPhone X

It’s officially been more than a month since Apple’s iPhone X hit store shelves. If you already got one in your hand, you must have noticed some its original features ….Read More

iPhone X Officially Launched in Nepal – December 1st, 2017

After months of speculation, the much awaited iPhone X is going to be launched in Nepal on December 1st. After sticking with the same exterior design for 3 years, Apple ….Read More

Apple Authorised Reseller in Nepal

Apple Store in Kathmandu not many years ago, there wasn’t any authorized Apple Store in Kathmandu because of which the customers had to face problems to get their hands on ….Read More